Griggsness: Movie Madness

I just watched “The Fugitive” again. It’s the Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones classic. You learn how to evade the FBI in this one. So for example, we learn if you shave your beard, no one can recognize you anymore. There’s even a scene where a cop asks Ford “Hey you seen anyone that looks like you” “Nope” Works every time. Goes down smooth like Grandma’s pie.

There are many unreal situations in the movie. Ford jumps 1,000 feet into a dam, a train hits a prison bus, etc. As a sidenote, apparently in the 80’s if you were transporting really bad criminals you put them in a school bus with two fat mall cops. No police escort cars were needed. Anyway as I was saying a lot of unreal stuff in the movie but the most unbelievable thing had to be that a rich, white doctor from Chicago could get the death penalty.

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