MALlifluous: I Regularly Appear Mentally Unstable in Photos

Three Baldwins shows in and my secret is out: cameras recognize my latent insanity.

How might this be clear to the layperson? Take the first set of photos taken of us on stage by PIT conspirator Eric Michael Pearson. In it is this:

You might say something is up. Yeah, I was at first playing a baby driving a monorail, who then changed into an angry teen driving a monorail. But is that any excuse for this???:

Ha, ha, you chuckle. Just because you look like a feverish mad scientist from some cartoon, eyes spinning furiously in their sockets, independently of one another like so many freaky lizards, that proves nothing – ! You were acting!

But, you see, this happens in my normal life all the time. I’ll cut to the chase by giving you what I believe to be the defining photo of my adulthood. Setup: New Year’s at one of my favorite New Year’s event in Brooklyn: the blowing of the steam whistles on the Pratt Campus. Everyone is having a great time. Right?

That’s my sister, her husband, my good friend Megan in the background. Yay! A New Year, a new life, let us celebrate! But, wait, that’s me on the left. Let’s check in, shall we?

HOLY G_D! What the FADGE is happening to me? And just out of frame to my right? Am I absolutely ecstatic? Or scared out of my gourd?

Well. You know how snakes unhinge their jaws? I like to think of my pose as me attempting to swallow the antelope of life.

And do you remember how certain Native American tribes didn’t want pictures taken because they feared cameras would steal their souls? Seeing stuff like this, I fear for cameras.


Baldwins 4.0

While it’s only just begun, 2010 has meant big changes for The Baldwins.  In January, the PIT held House Team auditions and we got ourselves some new, incredible teammates: Matt Love, Lucas Kavner, and Steve Siddell.

Please give them a warm Winnie welcome.

This also meant that we lost some dear teammates: Steve Soroka and Brett Wean.   Tip your beer in their honor, we miss them!  But, we know they are onto bigger, better, funnier things!  Which means we’ll be calling them soon enough, begging them to let us be in their movies/sketches/plays one of these days. 

To learn more about updates and what Baldwins 4.0 looks like, please check out:

As for this here blag, we SWEAR we’re going to up keep this up better!  So, as a collective unit, we promise to post more thoughts, observations, jokes, whittisims, and the like.

Griggsness: No hair changes you

Yeah I keeps what hair I have pretty close and tight.  A friend of mine once said “I love your short hair cut, it makes balding seem like your choice.”  But the thing is that no hair on the head will always change you not just how other see you but how you feel.  It’s either gonna make you a little more Ghandi or a little more Lex Luthor.

Love, Meg: The Fugitive/Sneakers/Too Many Secrets

Griggs, I’m glad you brought up The Fugitive.  As a youth growing up in the Chicagoland Metropolitan Area, I was so impressionable when it was released that I was convinced for years that the doctor’s who ran Children’s Memorial where untrustworthy.   I was also convinced that if I was ever being chased by cops, I should run into the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Even Ferris Bueller knew that.

But, I think the movie that taught me the most about decoding spy messages was Sneakers.  Hey, if the director of Field of Dreams knows anything, it’s how to sell a movie with a dramatic stairwell chase scene:

Griggsness: Movie Madness

I just watched “The Fugitive” again. It’s the Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones classic. You learn how to evade the FBI in this one. So for example, we learn if you shave your beard, no one can recognize you anymore. There’s even a scene where a cop asks Ford “Hey you seen anyone that looks like you” “Nope” Works every time. Goes down smooth like Grandma’s pie.

There are many unreal situations in the movie. Ford jumps 1,000 feet into a dam, a train hits a prison bus, etc. As a sidenote, apparently in the 80’s if you were transporting really bad criminals you put them in a school bus with two fat mall cops. No police escort cars were needed. Anyway as I was saying a lot of unreal stuff in the movie but the most unbelievable thing had to be that a rich, white doctor from Chicago could get the death penalty.

Very Nice Review of The Baldwins

From the NYU Washington Square News

We love how you really don’t even need to read past the ludicrously descriptive URL (but we’d love you to)!

Love, Meg: I Wonder What Uncle Bill Say About This.

End of line.

Griggness: My Uncle Bill

My Uncle Bill is a retired gambler and he’s one of those relatives that knows everything because he has something clever to say about it.  No need for data with this method.  He saw a building with me once and said “That company is going under!”  When I enquired why he said “A business with no big sign is a sign of no big business!”

These days he’s getting older and it worries him.  He keeps saying ‘It’s coming.”  I asked him what that means and he said ‘Let’s just say in the near future I may ask you to put diapers on me and remember the good times.”

Griggsness: Family Problems

There’s a girl on my block that has a sign that reads “I’m pregnant and need $36 dollars for a bus ticket back to my family.”  To me if Dad can’t come up with $36 bucks maybe he’s not going to be much help with this whole baby thing.  She’ll get off the bus with her folks there going ‘Honestly we never thought you’d come up with the cash.”


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